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All orders in your POS - Otter aggregates orders from online and delivery channels and sends them to linx.
Save time & deliver faster - Skip double entry from tablet to POS with Otter, allowing increased output and improved delivery time.
Streamline data - Report on online orders alongside the rest of your business from within your point of sale, without manual effort and errors.
Easy menu management - With POS as the source of truth, Linx pushes menu changes across delivery platforms.

Hubster's integration with Linx helps restaurants avoid double entry, decrease errors and fully integrate online channels with kitchen operations. Hubster aggregates and sends orders from  online channels directly to linx so that digital and physical channels are reported side by side, without manual effort and errors.


“Pre-COVID, delivery was around 15% of our business. Today, online-orders make up about 50% of our business – a massive shift. Otter has made navigating this transition simple and successful for me, my team, and our customers.”

Stephen T. Wawryk, General Manager and Director of Community Relations, Chick-fil-A